SAM 2.0

I’ve always been weird when it comes to things to do with me.  Whether it be asking what I want for dinner or asking what I want for Christmas, the questions about my own personal preference has always been a difficult one to answer.  So, naturally, when it comes to “holidays” such as my Birth Day, one can only imagine how I Continue reading

Each to their own [ART].

I use to concern myself with trying to make my photos as perfect as possible. My idea of perfection was all the work I was seeing in both my peers and those that I look up to regarding photographing life. Basically, I tried way too hard to make my work or rather my style like my photo role models. I guess by doing so, it sort of, or rather , it does Continue reading



I am back with a very late video from way back when (July). Yes. Finally got around to editing some of the China leftover footage.

Enjoy part TWO of the Shanghai trip we decided to embark on during Independence Day weekend!

Quality ain’t as great so apologies for that! Hope you enjoy!

Be back with more soon!


No Plus One

In my opinion, weddings are two things: a celebration and reminder.

Perhaps it is because I currently have never had someone special in my life, but whenever I attend weddings, I always fall a bit sad.  Usually I am a person that is perfectly comfortable with being by myself (in fact, most of the time I PREFER it), but somehow weddings always make me Continue reading