Society of current times has developed into one where individuals are constantly striving to put their best face forward.  With that tends to be the obligation to wear daily masks; a world where individuals are constantly painting on images that resemble the vision and aesthetic of how they hope to be seen.  Façades are so frequently put on that it becomes difficult for persons to feel secure without these daily layers.  Rarely is the said façade a true reflection of who the person sincerely is nor does it exemplify their current season.  Over time adding layers becomes increasingly addictive, making it excruciatingly challenging to separate the disguise from reality.

The question then is who the heck are we without all the preservatives used to decorate?  Are we aware of the hold this obsession to paint ourselves pretty has over us?  Do we have the will to reject the notion and simply stand in the naked light and skin?  Is the true reality of ourselves too unbearable to stomach?

Who are we without these coatings?  Can we exist without the need to add?

This body of work aims to explore and provoke such salacious ideas, in hopes of awakening societies inner desire to simply be without cosmetic distortion.  Only then can true satisfaction in oneself be authentically emulated and represented.