Each to their own [ART].

I use to concern myself with trying to make my photos as perfect as possible. My idea of perfection was all the work I was seeing in both my peers and those that I look up to regarding photographing life. Basically, I tried way too hard to make my work or rather my style like my photo role models. I guess by doing so, it sort of, or rather , it does in fact reflect my confidence in my own work.

DSC_0306One of my worst pet peeves is that I always tend to compare way too much of myself with others. Questions I would often ask myself came in statements such as “Why does my work look so crappy next to His/Hers?” “Why can’t I ever seem to be able to afford the gear needed to catch up to other’s quality?” and more self doubting questions.

Whenever others praise me on my work, I always feel slightly down. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the compliments others give me, it’s the fact of not feeling like others are only saying nice things because of either of the two options:

#1: They aren’t photographers so they don’t fully understand what is considered great work

#2: They are just saying that so I can save face.

Either one makes me sound like a jerk who undermines all, but it’s just me being honest with how I process.

What I have come to realize or remember is that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to art. We all have our own interpretation on what is exquisite and what is not. So why try to force your own definition on others or reshape it so it fits with the majority?

THUS instead of going down my usual spiral down to self loathing, I have been making more of an effort to MAKE SURE to remind myself of the following:

#1: Everyone is different therefore no two individuals will ever be identical. WHICH MEANS, try as we all may, no ones work will EVER be the same, so STOP TRYING TO MIMIC OTHERS!

#2: The person your always so envious of probably feels the same about his/her work.

Which leads me to

#3: As much as they try to convince themselves of it, no one is EVER 100% happy with their content.

So save yourself the stress and STOP PLAYING CATCH UP!

I hope you all are having a great holiday season and have enjoyed my two cents on creativity.

BASICALLY, there is always something new to learn/improve on so remember to remind yourself to embrace your own analysis on artistic matters.

Til next time!


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