BLAST FROM THE PAST: Past, Present, and Future: Tis All Good in the Hood

 What tis up Internet!  Today is a new day, which means it’s time for another flashback post!  Yeah you’re excited.  I can almost touch your enthusiasm, it’s on quite the overwhelming level.  You’re welcome.
This one goes out to all my fellow over-thinkers, worriers, and extensive planners out there.  I hope these words can give you and I a better perspective when things don’t go the way you thought and or expected.
Forget less and be reminded often.
February 13, 2015
When we we’re young, all we wanted was to be grown ups and do grown up things such as going to work, having the ability to buy whatever we want and more!  We didn’t always appreciate the gift that is childhood and now that those years are gone, we find ourselves wishing for the opposite.  “Oh if only I didn’t cause so much trouble during nap time and actually try to appreciate it” and other thoughts like it tend to be how we are when reflecting on those early years.  
It is common to forget.  From forgetting you have an exam today (hopefully not, but if so, may God help your soul) to forgetting how to do a fishtail braid, being forgetful is often a curse that most of us can’t seem to shake off no matter how hard we try to get rid of it.
 I know for me at least I have the tendency to forget to live in the moment.  I am a person constantly worried about things “far into the future.”  Thoughts such as “what the heck am I going to do about Accounting? Don’t understand anything, man am I screwed”,”Did I choose the right school?” “What if I am not meant to be in this major” and more happen very VERY frequently in my head.  Since it freaks me out not knowing what the future will be like, I tend to feel the need to plan, or have an idea of what the situation I am about to step into will be like.  This is why in theatre improv freaks me out; not knowing scares me to the extreme.  Although always having a plan is generally an excellent trait to have, it can also be you and I’s greatest downfall.
When you are constantly planning for the future, the present becomes somewhat forgotten in your head.  Sometimes I’ll be so wrapped up in planning and anxiety for something that is months away that I forget to see the beauty of my surroundings that is the now.  When I do finally realize and remember the importance of today, it’s often too late.  The moments that happened while I was forgetting the present will never happen again, therefore is forever lost to me.  Isn’t that sad, how everyday, every moment, every SECOND is unique, and that if we miss them there’s really nothing we can do to regain and or recreate it, at least not entirely and or exactly.  
No matter what it is you’re struggling with, remember to see today.  Yes see today; I believe seeing is believing.  Therefore when you see today for how it truly is and NOT what you’ve made it out to be, you’ll have a better chance of seeing the good and possibilities both the present AND the future has for you and will BELIEVE that you will be able to get through not just your current situation but all things that is to come your way.
What I’m saying sounds cliché I know, but it truly is something I have found to be true.  There is indeed power in thinking you can;  like the little engine that could, if you think and know you can, then you shall!  So the next time you are slumming around and not sure why you can’t ever have a good day, check how you are feeling, and be honest with yourself.  I usually go about my days unaware of how I truly feel and find the need to pause and ask myself questions like these; This in return helps me truly understand my current mood and evaluate how I’m really doing today.  You’re not always going to have fan-freakin-tastic days, and that is okay! When you do have days that just suck, stress you out to your limit, and other terrible internal conflicts that come with them, just remember to stop and appreciate both the good AND the bad.  Now this might seem quite nuts and just annoying cause who wants to appreciate the sufferings of life?  While I do agree this sounds ridiculous, I do also believe that there is not just something to learn through those days you struggle with the most but also beauty within those moments.  What you can appreciate during those days are all the things you have to be grateful for such as the fact that we are alive and well today, the coffee you had this morning, the chairs that support us, friends, today’s blue sky, sunshine, and more!  
My main point is this: when life get’s sucky, embrace it, I mean it can’t possibly get any worse now can it?  Okay fine it can always get worse, but even if it does the things we have to be thankful for always outweigh and outnumber things currently going wrong.  Yes we may not be able to get back those times we’ve missed, forgot to enjoy and appreciate,  but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to prevent ourselves from missing out again.  Remember, only you can prevent yourself from the ultimate terrible-no-good-very-bad-day.  Take those deep breaths and remind yourself all that you’ve achieved THUS FAR and how awesome you are; you’d be surprised how much these reminders help with those cloudy days.  
Basically no matter how terrifying things get, remember it’s not the end of the world and that you will be fine; you may think things will never get better but trust that they will.  In the mean time, stop and appreciate the now, the present, and look forward to the mystery that is the future.  

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