If you’ve been following my blogging experience for awhile now, you’ll recognize the following combination of words.  Since I made the official switch over to this format, I have been wanting to terminate the old site.  Now, being the smart over think that I am, I couldn’t help but feel slightly like a mother abandoning her  children in the middle of a crisis.  So to ease those burning thoughts, I have decided that for the next couple posts, I will be sharing the content that I had up long before my current baby that is this site.  So enjoy, critique, shake your head at what I now refer to as my Blogger Dark Ages (I may still be in it now….)
The first one is about..well…read on to find out 😉   All I’ll say is, the same still applies now and is still ever so true as it was when first posted….
February 8, 2015 
Admitting we are wrong is always difficult.  Whether it be admitting to ourselves the actual amounts of calories we consumed today or how wrong we were about someone, there comes a time where we must come to terms with our choices turned mistakes.  
This week was indeed a week filled with mistakes.  From bad food choices to choosing unforgivable words, I have realized yet again how guilt can truly change the way you go about the day.  
When we make a mistake, our first instincts tend to be to hide and distance ourselves from others (I am definitely 100% guilty of taking this route).  Why? for me, it’s because I want to save my own image.  See I have a specific image I strive to be and attempt to maintain, we all do.  As much as you and I try to deny it, we care what others think of us.  You can blame it all on society and how it has made us into self-absorbed, likes and followers obsessed, but the truth is it’s not all society’s fault.  I believe the reason why we are so concerned with how others see us is because we’re human beings with feelings and a mind that tends to wander into the dark thoughts our mind create.  These thoughts tend to include and sound something along the lines of “She is so much better looking than I am” “I hope no one noticed I ate that last piece of cake” “How come I suck at this? So embarrassing” “Should I have said that?” “Man why the heck did I do that? ugghhh FEEL SO STUPID” and plenty more.  
What I think we need to realize more often and be better at coming to terms with is the fact that it’s okay to make mistakes.  If your heart wants that piece of chocolate, you go right ahead and you eat that piece of goodness.  Sure you may regret it later and yes you’re most likely going to pay for that “poor” choice but so what? It’s natural to feel guilty about something such as snacking or not exercising as much; Part of the guilt is from us forgetting that we’re not the only ones.  In fact, I’m willing to say most, if not all of us, deal with the same repeating thoughts and so often wish our minds would just shut up and leave us be.  If we all went about life constantly worried bout how others may judge our choices than we would not be living fully.  It’s not easy to not care but it is easier to remind yourself whenever you start feeling low about the bad decisions you’ve made that it’s okay and that there is a lesson to be learned through all of our choosing.  God created us to live a life where we are able to both enjoy all that this world has to offer while improving ourselves along the way; remember that the next time you are deciding whether to treat yourself to your favorite dessert or not .  
This applies not just to food but also other choices such as the words we say to another.  As much as this will hurt our ego, we need to realize and constantly remind ourselves that we are human and that human beings are all nowhere close to perfect (heck that is why we all need God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,the dynamic trio). Sure what we said or did was stupid and or considered uncalled for, but what we can learn from these situations is what not to do next time and or what types of company we really keep.  I believe in order to move to the next step of a relationship(romantic or not), being able to say what we really mean to say and feeling safe enough to be ourselves, quirks and all, is ESSENTIAL.  If the fear of the reaction from others is preventing you from feeling comfortable enough to share your thoughts, than perhaps you need to do one of two things(or maybe even both): (1) accept the fact that this is as good as it’s going to get or (2) try to knock that wall of prevention down.  It should be okay to make mistakes and let loose with friends; Often times it is through silly moments, difficult situations and discussions that make many relationships stronger.  How else will your friends know the real you, and vice versa?  
 In the end, it’s important to remember that as different as each of us are from one another, making mistakes is definitely something we all have in common; by having this commonality we are blessed with the chance to seek others for guidance,support, and can help one another grow, improve, and move past and out of the self-shaming hole we tend to fall into when having messed up.  We all feel stupid at times but it is through those times that we are able to identify those that will stick by you through thick and thin, stupidity, mistakes and all.

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