Costa Costa

Last week I had planned on meeting a friend to go see the Presidential Palace together. Unfortunately I was extremely late to our meeting spot and I was not able to find him when I finally did arrive.  After searching extensively for a couple of hours, both around the Presidential Palace and inside its gates, all the while trying to find ways to access WIFI, I was defeated and discouraged.  I was pretty much in a sulky-self-loathing-guilt-written-all-over-my-face type of mood and wanted nothing more but to find my friend and apologize TO DEATH for being so late and wasting his time.  Now, right about then I was getting quite hungry and was in no mood to try “new” establishments.  All I really wanted and was in desperate need of was comfort and when I saw COSTA COFFEE right around the corner,I decided it was time to give the British establishment a shot.  I had heard of the chain through a SAM from beautycrush on YouTube and have been wondering just how good the brand was.  Since I don’t drink coffee (EVER), the excuse to try it out never came around.  So I thought since I was rather in a downish mood and wanting something of the afternoon tea sort, what better time to try COSTA out than right now?




I didn’t know what I wanted, I just knew I wanted something sweet and that could brighten up my day up a bit.  Like every time I walk in to a place with a wide variety of choices (which is EVERYWHERE), I had trouble deciding what I wanted to order.  Here were the factors at hand:

#1: how much do I have with me at the moment?

#2: how much would these be in US Dollars?

#3: is that (inserts menu item) really worth THAT much? #Overpriced?

#4: will I regret this later?

#5: how satisfying will I be if I order that?

and so on….



So after contemplating for quite some time, I asked the lady behind the counter which item was their most popular and which one she recommends me ordering.  After introducing what each of the items on display were and her recommendations, I decided to order what looked good enough to order, well-priced, and (most importantly) something I would not regret: a mango swiss roll.


I always worry that I never order enough (which is probably why I’ve never been able to drop my weight, oh well).  So, after ordering, I added on to my roll: afternoon tea biscuits, or so that’s what they looked like.

I wasn’t in a drinking mood (trust me, it’s not what it sounds like) so I ordered my usual drink of choice: good ol’ water.  Call me a bore and all but H2Os has never let my insides down…least not yet.


Overall both were satisfying but not good enough for me to want to order both again.  The swirl was not mango-ey enough and the biscuits were quite confusing on the taste buds.  The packaging was quite adorable I’ll give them that but the biscuits could have had a bit more sweetness to them.  There is a fine line between blandness and being overly sweet, and these were on more of the bland side of the spectrum.  Perhaps I was being too picky but hey, could you blame me, twas having a rough afternoon of self-loathing and just wanted at least one event to go in my favor.  I just wanted a tad bit more sweetness than I was getting from the two purchases I had on hand.


Despite the food being slightly more on the disappointing side, I really did appreciate the atmosphere of COSTA COFFEE.  I’m not sure what the other ones elsewhere look like but this one here in Nanjing was good enough to help ease my anxieties and worries.  If it was going for a relaxed easy-breezy-beautiful-coffee-shop-for-a-chilled-afternoon then I’d say they achieved what they were going for because it was exactly that!  the setting was and IS great for study groups, casual business meetings outside the office, and quite homey.  Hopefully the next time I step into COSTA the experience with the food will be able to match my expectations.

Thanks for reading!

Til next time where I talk more about food and or other things!


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