One Month and…

_DSC3464After spending the last couple days of school freaking out about final grades, packing up my side of the dormitory, and terrified about my two suitcases being over the plane’s weight-limit, I was glad to hop on my flight and anticipate what was to be.  Now a month has passed, and it is safe to say that it has been a whole month of struggles, internal-panic attacks, and endless learning and note-taking.  I feel both more comfortable here and at the same time more lost and terrified of screwing tasks up than ever.  For someone who has never (EVER) worked at a “LEGIT” “HIGH-END” “CORPORATE” establishment, company, firm, etc., I think its safe to say I am doing better than I expected, despite not doing as well as I hope to be.  Having a panic-attacks over not knowing how to do things “properly” is a daily internal thing.  I’ve always thought I was ready for the work-force and ready to be part of a company, but after starting boy did I feel the complete OPPOSITE.  Here I am, fresh out of my 1st year of college, trying to see if being part of a Hotel is for me and there’s my fellow colleagues, most far past college and seem to know what they’re doing with their life.  So after the first few days, self-esteems were dropping and the lists of doubts and questions were quite long. In terms of working shifts for the first time, I am learning quite a lot about guest services.  How you choose to present things and word situations to guests is the UPMOST important.  I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far here is to always put yourself in the guests shoes:  would you like this layout? would this be easy for you to access?  How comfortable would you be?  AS irritating as some guests may be, it is in our job descriptions to cater to whatever requests they bring to your presence. The moment you start showing annoyance, an ounce of negativity, or slight-bit of attitude is when you in trouble.  The moment the guest starts to express complaints about YOUR actions is when you should start to worrying because there is no one else to be held responsible BUT yourself.  In the first month here I have seen my fellow co-workers suffer through the scolding of guests and has not all ended well.  You really need to just have, as the saying goes, “thick skin” when having a job in the Hospitality field, ESPECIALLY when working at a hotel where your guests are essentially deities you’re trying to please and NOT disappoint.  For some people it’ll take years to develop the ability to take guests’ beatings and for some it is as easy as putting on a smile.  And it’s not just scolding from guests you need to take potentially on a regular basis, you also need to be on the look out for the wrath of those higher up on the food chain than you. I’ve ALWAYS struggled when it comes to criticism and the scolding from others.  Maybe it’s because I have too much pride in me and or my self-righteous talking, I DONT KNOW! All I can say is it’s always been hard for me to take critiques and even suggestions on how to do things “better.”  The self-loathe is oh-so-real whenever I come out of one of these sessions and it takes me a while to get out of the mood.  Needless to say, it is the same, and potentially worse, when it comes to working.  What I’ve discovered is when it comes to how to take things, it is just a matter of being able to differentiate the personal from the professional.  Usually nothing at work will be about you personally but about the tasks at hand and how to best complete each.  Yes it’s hard but it’s very much important to keep that perspective when it comes to your work-life and not let your pride get in the way of seeing the situation for what it truly is. Here is another thought to keep in mind: NO ONE IS OUT TO GET YOU!  You and your co-workers are all part of the same team.  If you rise they rise, which also mean, by association,if you fall they also fall.  And yes it may see like they are indeed trying to make your life miserable by keeping you busy, it is important to keep in mind that they themselves are just trying to do their job and get things done AND TRY AND HELP YOU (yes you) to the best of their ability.  Within the first month I have learned that it is important to ask questions when YOU NEED TO.  How are you going to do the job well if you don’t ask HOW?If you’re like me it sounds easier than it actually is but I’ve learned and have been reminded that it is just something you need to do if you want to lessen the possibility of screwing things up.  My policy is this: if you can do it well the FIRST TIME, you should exhaust all resources at hand to ensure that the try is not just your first but also your last(make sense? hope it does).  And yeah it might be intimidating to ask but it’s really all in how you choose to express things. So, choose those words wisely to ensure the results be ever in your favor. These are just a few things of what life here has taught and reminded me to keep in mind.  I’m sure there’s more to be said but at the moment I can’t think of anything but lunch.

So until the next post, this will be it for this update!

Hope you learned/enjoyed something! 🙂

Thank you for reading! -SL

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