Three Hundred Thousand

Since the first month is technically not “over” and done with yet, I thought I’d share bits and bobs of what I have been able to see so far here in the city of Nanjing, BEFORE I do a gigantic MASSIVE recap on month Uno.  So, in

no particular order, second on the list is something a bit more morbid and saddening: Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.


The original plan for the day was to pass by the “hall” and walk through it rather quickly, but as you probably guessed it ended up being a much longer visitation.

Personally, I am not a big buff,nerd, or whatever when it comes to history (at least not as huge as some of my fellow intern-pals) but I do know how and when to appreciate bits and pieces of the past.  What I mean is this:  I enjoy being educated on the past, but voluntarily reading and watching up on historical events, periods,or what have you, tends to be pretty low on my list of priorities and interests (sorry).  Therefore, visiting museums and other landmarks tend to something I gravitate towards more, which is why this landmark was quite fitting for my tastes.



_DSC2794 copy

While the outside was very much a sunny day, once inside the Memorial Hall the atmosphere was shifted to resemble more of a gloomy morbid one.  After seeing the warning sign of “NO PHOTOGRAPHS” before entering the Hall, my inner rule-follower and I decided it best to follow the sign’s command; that is why all photos I was able to capture are of the outside displays(bummer, I know).  All I can say about the inside is that it really does make you appreciate the present times, thankful that life isn’t as bad as it COULD be, and of course sad(close to depressed) for the victims and their families for the devastating tragedy they had to endure.



Here is only a snippet of what has been created to remember those who are gone-but-not-forgetten.

_DSC2810 copy





Thanks for reading!

Posting real soon about China and all that Nanjing has given so far!


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