Confucius Says…

It’s been a rough 24 days and it has and will only get harder.  Decided to start blogging every so often about life here in Mainland China.  A land whereforeigners seem to be scared out of their minds when it comes to the food choices at hand and where the rich guests at our oh so fancy LUXURIOUS hotels are

the “Gods” on earth you never knew existed.  The honeymoon phase has faded and gone away to who knows where and people are, if not already, starting to miss the good old H-O-M-E, yes even this blogger.  But today is not about those sob stories but about one of the most visited destinations here in the city of Nanjing I got to visit thus far:  Confucius Temple.

With plenty of visitors to go around to each of the many shops opened, the historic site is pack with both domestic and international tourists.  Walking down the streets of the famous site, you can almost forget that the great historical figure himself (probably) walked down the very same streets, almost.  I choose to use the words “forget” and “almost” because the place seems less authentic than imagined.  It’s understandable, really; how can a destination resist the pressure to be more “commercialized” as society continues to thrive and become more advanced and technology based?  One would even say it is nearly impossible so you might as well give in.

Stories Told

While yes Confucius Temple has been transformed into another massive shopping attraction for folks from everywhere, the popular spot does still have certain spots and moments where the culture and the traditions of the destination is still alive and well. So yes, while I was SLIGHTLY disappointed to find modernizations within the “Temple”, there were still moments where the landmark showed that despite changing times, it is still able to captivate and retain its timeless glows and glimmers, proving to all time and time again its worth and priceless-value.

Showcasing only bits and pieces of its beauty and abilities to sparkle ones mundane everyday, here are some of the photographs taken while there.


Three Scholars


Midst of Witnesses

People Sea

Signs of Legends

Afternoon Nap

Low Key Chill

Rooftop Glow

Thanks for reading!

Tune in perhaps next time for more on life and all its works thus far here in the infamous Chinese China.


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